About Ecocarnes S.A

With Over 40 years of experience Ecocarnes s.a has been delivering premium quality Argentine Grass fed Beef to the global markets serving millions of people over the years and establishing ourselves as leader in exporting Grass fed beef all around the globe.

We export to about 30 countries around the world among which are Brazil, Colombia, Albania, Algeria, Korea, UAE, Congo, Angola, Chile, Israel, Qatar, Russia, Singapore, Morocco, Paraguay, Switzerland, Thailand, Ukraine Croatia, the European Union, China, and Saudi Arabia


Wild. Natural. Sustainable.

As a pioneer in healthy and sustainable alternatives to conventionally raised meat, Fossil Farms has been committed to doing things differently since 1997 when our founders tasted game meat for the first time. . Ecocarnes S.A believes in this commitment to innovate and our mission to be the best in the industry.

Our product catalog now features alot of cuts from Naturally raised grass fed beef  uniquely sustainable proteins including Natural Angus Beef,  Wagyu Beef, Authentic Japanese Wagyu.  Home

Whether you’re looking to diversify your menu, shopping for nutritious products, or sourcing protein for specialized diets , we have something for everyone. Quality product and sustainable sourcing creates a tasty impact. We remain inspired by this every day and are excited to share our mission with our industry partners and customers. Home Join us and get your game on!Home

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We are always one call away to serve you. Please contact us if you have any queries, we’ll be glad to attend to them and serve you better.